Robotron 2084 Disassembly

It’s been a few years since I worked on my Robotron 2084 disassembly, but I’ve recently gotten the bug to modify my machine, so today I finished a decent portion of the disassembly. I needed the ability to assemble the code, and nothing would work with the output that IDAPro generates, so I wrote my own 6800/6809 assembler that handles the format.

I added the 6800 portion for handling the Williams Sound Board rom.

I posted the source for the assembler at

LZCL: An embedded compression library

LZCL: An embedded compression library

Copyright Chris Lomont, Sept 2016
Version 1.0


See my Compression Notes article for compression background on useful for this article. The README at the GitHub page has usage details .

For a recent project, I needed to design a low resource compression scheme. Over the years I’ve designed many, and this time I decided to unify some code, clean it up, and make some tools to ease development of such algorithms (mostly for my own use). The result this particular time is several very low memory decoders, necessarily slow, including Huffman, Arithmetic, LZ77, and my own new invention, LZCL, which outperforms the others quite well. All are designed for minimal RAM usage.