Robotron 2084 Disassembly

It’s been a few years since I worked on my Robotron 2084 disassembly, but I’ve recently gotten the bug to modify my machine, so today I finished a decent portion of the disassembly. I needed the ability to assemble the code, and nothing would work with the output that IDAPro generates, so I wrote my own 6800/6809 assembler that handles the format.

I added the 6800 portion for handling the Williams Sound Board rom.

I posted the source for the assembler at

Here is a zip file of the exe of the assembler and the two commented disassembly files. Here is the commented Robotron disassembly,
CLRobotron.asm, and here is the commented sound disassembly, CLRobotronSound.asm.

The single source file CLRobotron.asm has defines at the top, enabling building any of many rom sets, including the Yellow ROM, Blue, Fix 1987, Wave 201, and the recently made TieDie ROM.

Happy hacking!